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Order CURLIT Coach Tool

CURLIT Coach Tool

  • Standard licence: EUR 200.00
  • Professional licence: EUR 360.00
  • Upgrade from version 5.x to version 6.5.x Standard: EUR 80.00
  • Upgrade from Standard (version 5.x or 6.x) to 6.x Professional: EUR 160.00

All software can be downloaded from this website. Each copy is personal and for one computer* (making additional copies is prohibited and against the 'Spirit of Curling').

New: Payment by Credit Card or PayPal (add EUR 10.00 handling fee).

You will download an evaluation copy of the software (standard licence) which runs free for 30 days. You can convert it to a full version by purchasing a key from CURLIT, which is bound to the user and the computer. 
The download is the same for standard or professional licence. Only the key will be different.


* It is possible to transfer the licence to another computer (i.e. if you buy a new computer), but you can run the licenced copy only on one computer at any time. For a transfer, please refer to readme.txt.

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